5 out of 5 dentists recommend flossing.  Why?  Because any leftover food that sits in between your teeth will eventually become a bad bacteria. This bacteria can attach to hard surfaces like the enamel that covers your teeth. If the bacteria is not removed, it can multiply and grow in number until a colony forms. More bacteria of different types attach to the colony already growing on the tooth enamel. Proteins that are present in your saliva (spit) also mix in and the bacteria colony becomes a whitish film on the tooth.This film is called plaque, and it’s what causes cavities.   Our awesome hygienist Stacy Barnwell advises that plaque needs to be disrupted daily by flossing or using a waterpik, or plaque can calcify and turn to tartar, leading to gingivitis.  If the tartar is not removed, toxins are released and cause damage to the foundation of the tooth and can also result in bone loss.