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The George Washington Denture

We found this very interesting article via the Thank Goodness for modern dentistry! When George Washington became president on April 30, 1789, he only had one tooth in his head, a single premolar poking up from his gums. A combination of bad genes and even worse 18th century dentistry meant that the man who […]

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Bruxism? What is that? It’s simply the clinical term for clenching and grinding your teeth. Most often patients are not even aware that they are doing it. Some of the most common signs that you are what we call a “Bruxr” are complaints of pain in the jaw, most often in the morning when you […]

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To Flouride, or…

With all of the controversy over how much fluoride is healthy, we thought you would find this article from the American Dental Association interesting. We offer a variety of forms of fluoride in our office. Please ask about it at your next dental visit. Click on the article above to read all about it! Article […]

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Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety is very common. All too often patients will tell us how much they “hate” coming to the dentist! In our practice we recognize this, and strive to help our patients overcome their fears and apprehensions about dentistry. Please let us know how we can make it a better experience for you at your […]

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Why Sealants??

Sealants can be a great way to help prevent decay from getting to your permanent , unrestored molars. Though there is no guarantee that you will not get cavities if you have sealants placed, they do help. Click on the photo above to read about the benefits. Please feel free to ask about them at […]

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Feed My Starving Children Service day

On Saturday July 23rd Gilbert Smiles participated in a mobile packing day at Central Christian Church for “Feed My Starving Children.” This is a great organization that packages meals for families in 3rd world countries, that would otherwise not have food or proper nutrition. The goal was to pack 1,000,000 meals. We helped to exceed […]

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Your Childs First Dental Visit

People always ask “When should my child have their first dental appointment?” Here are some helpful hints on how to gage that. Please click on the above article for some helpful tips.

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Anterior Trauma and Restoration

This patient sustained trauma to his front teeth. One tooth required a difficult root canal and both teeth received crowns with a custom shade! We love the results!

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Invisilign and KOR Whitening

Incredible results from 1 year of invisilign treatment and KOR Whitening! This patient has a big, beautiful smile, that is now emphasized by her treatment results.

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Happy St. Patricks Day!

Who says going to the dentist can’t be fun? Dr. Swain and the staff wish you a happy and safe St. Patricks day! 

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